Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summing Up September!

Oh my goodness we have had so many fun things going on this month! Here are a few more pictures and videos to wrap it all up!
I love, love, love that these two finally are playing with Prince more!!!
This girl cracks us up- she has a ton of spunk that we hope she never loses!!!
I was able to attend my very first It Works OTOM (One Team One Mission) event in Louisville, KY! Such a fabulous evening surrounded by amazing people! And I was thrilled to meet our CNO Pam Sowder- she is fabulous!!!
Garrett's new thing- using the biggest spoon possible!
Cutting a rug at Natalie and Eduardo's wedding reception!!!
Garrett has been rocking his potty training! Although, you can't really tell by looking at his potty training chart- because he puts each new sticker on top of the last! 
Tori couldn't remember how this happened to her hair!
Soaking cold toes and chatting- love this so much!
Yep- we have two sillies on our hands!!!
Despite this picture- everyone really did enjoy the dual-Stake EYO (Eleven Year Old) Scout campout!!! (Jared has been helping with plans for months and was so pleased with how well everything turned out!)
Hmmm- they were hiding on my lap! It didn't take me long to find them- I'm pretty awesome at hide n' seek!
Two little monkeys- no fear at all!
Another big first for my It Works business- Courtney Whitear (the newest distributor on my team) and I did our very first vendor event! We met lots of fun people and had a great day talking about these crazy wraps!!!
Loved how her hair turned out- she looked adorable!
Running off some energy after Stake Conference!
We ran off LOTS of energy!!! 
And made some new friends as well!
Garrett's current favorite Primary song- Book of Mormon Stories! His hand motions are the best!
We are those crazy Awesome Allens!!!
Tori now makes toast (just a plain piece of bread) and jam all by herself!!! 
So, there was that day where we had to make sure all of Tori's friends were buckled in before we could drive to the store. Everyone had to be safe!
I absolutely love this picture! Garrett adores Tori and will follow her anywhere! I hope they will always be there for each other!!!
Tori has discovered that she loves to pet Prince- we have one happy pup on our hands!!!
Thanks for all the fabulous memories September! And now on to October!!!

September in our Garden!!!

We have been super busy in our garden this month! Our first week we got to plant seeds in a neat planter box that will show the roots as our plants grow!
Tori is getting to be a planting pro!
Then we got to help gather seeds that we will then use to plant next year. Our first seed collection- tomatoes. Tori and Garrett squeezed out as many seeds as they could!
Then they added a bunch of water to help wash the seeds off!
Draining the water while trying to keep all the seeds in our container! Then they will get to sit out and dry for a bit!
Then we got to harvest other seeds right from the plants!
These two thought it was so fun trying to find all the seeds!
Last week we got to make field journals!
Looking good guys!
Then to learn about some new plants and add that into our field journals! 
I love that everything is so hands on! 
Tonight we learned about gourds. First order of business, head outside to find a few gourds!
Then we came back inside to make some gourd art!
Tori was in her element!
Garrett had a blast as well!
Yay- such a super cute Halloween Chicken Gourd!
Garrett was pretty proud of his!
Since we were the only family there, Tori got to make as much gourd art as she wanted! She was in heaven!!!
We keep thinking they will run out of things for us to do- but there is always a new adventure each week! The Hilltop Garden is amazing!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

More Princess Preschool!

Last week, Tori was at her friend's house again for another addition of Princess Preschool. They did C is for Cinderella. They got to dress up like Cinderella and do chores! My favorite was hanging up the "wash"- which were napkins with all the letters written on them! Near the end, they got to transform into princesses, put on pretty dresses, and go to the ball!!!
Here is our Tori-ella!!! 
Today we had D and did the Twelve Dancing Princesses! We did lots of counting to 12, rowing, making drums so we could have music to dance to, and of course- dancing! (Tori's outfit cracked me up!) 
They had so much fun hiding and finding our 12 eggs!
Garrett did a great job finding all the eggs on his turn! 
Rowing across the enchanted lake to be able to dance the night away! 
Now for a little music- their drums were fantastic!
Then lots and lots of dancing!
And just a little more!
Luckily, no shoes were worn through!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cascade Park- Definitely a Favorite!!!

There are so many different things to do at Cascade Park- we can't get enough!
Tori loves climbing on this and is getting more brave with each attempt!
This little guy is still a bit nervous with how much it moves around, but he did awesome!
We always have to visit the river and see what fun things we can find to throw in it!
Like this big huge stick!!! 
Today was even more fun than normal- we found a little frog! 
Garrett was fascinated! 
Higher and higher she went!
And one more visit to the river before heading home!
Thanks for the adventure Cascade Park- you never disappoint!!!